The reason you don’t usually find prices on web design and digital strategy websites is because, to narrow down to an exact price, there are a lot of different variables to consider.

  • How many pages does the website consist of?
  • What type of technology is needed for the website to properly function?
  • Will content be written by the customer or our team?
  • Do you have images that you can provide or does the design team need to locate them for you?
  • Will the website be running eCommerce?
  • Will information architecture (IA) and user experience (UX) need to be considered?
  • Will a full content taxonomy, visual sitemap, and wireframes be needed?
  • How much training will be needed?

Internet marketing is an entire different mountain to climb. It has to factor in how much time you’d like involved in your month-to-month plan and what types of marketing pieces you’d like to focus on. This is precisely why we do custom quotes for each of our clients. With that said, here’s a ballpark of what you can expect to spend on a new website or Internet marketing package.

Internet Marketing


Something Small

If you’re just starting out and don’t need any fancy bells and whistles, a small website will likely do you just fine. You may need a visual sitemap drawn out to help envision what the site will look like, but we don’t have to really go into content taxonomy or any heavy upfront planning. We will have to spend some time on training afterwards, but everything should be fairly straightforward. Internet marketing could help boost your new website, but you may decide to research how to do this on your own.

Website Cost: $500-$3,000
Monthly Internet Marketing: $0-$300

Small Business

You likely already have a website up and going, but it needs an update. You’re considering factors like how to improve user experience and increase conversions. You aren’t looking to handle much more than 100 pages on the site and aren’t looking for online shopping, just yet (or perhaps an item or two, but not much more than 10). Monthly Internet marketing is starting to become a bit more important, especially for local businesses. You’re interested in email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO, but need direction on where to go from here.

Website Cost: $3,000-$8,000
Monthly Internet Marketing: $300-$800

Middle Sized Business

Business is booming and it’s time to take that website to the next level. Tracking conversions is essential, and you need to be able to prove ROI (return on investment). You’re website has already grown beyond 100 pages and likely needs to be cleaned up with information architecture. Content taxonomy is crucial in saving your existing SEO and your email list is growing strong. Launching a website without doing the upfront research and planning could be detrimental to your business. Furthermore, testing before launch is needed. We need to make sure that website is a well-oiled machine!

Website Cost: $8,000-$30,000
Monthly Internet Marketing: $800-$2,000

Enterprise Business

Been there, done that. You know more about your website than the CEO does, because you’re running the marketing department and this is your day-to-day responsibility. The current website is likely only a couple of years old, but with a growing business like yours, you need an update to stay in line with current trends, UX (user experience), and algorithm changes. You likely already know the difference between a Google algorithm update and a Google algorithm refresh, and your hip to what the upcoming refresh means for your website.

Website Cost: $30,000-$150,000
Monthly Internet Marketing: $2,000-$8,000


Things to Consider When Pricing Out a Website

You may think you just need a simple update, but if you don’t know what launching a new website can do without thinking through content taxonomy, you could be losing money in the end. Most reputable web firms will talk you through what different planning stages are and what you should consider before the development stage even begins. Upfront planning and UX, visual design (including sitemap and wireframes), content support/migration, development, training, testing, and launching is the short list of things you should know and consider before deciding on building a new website.

Don’t know what these things are? It’s okay, just ask. Any professional web firm should be able to talk you through what each of these stages are.

Month-to-Month Website Expenses

If you’re new to managing a website or have never been involved in what it takes to keep a website up and going, it’s important to learn a bit about what month-to-month costs may be. Things like domain names, web hosting, plugins, maintenance, upgrades, backups, security, etc. all cost money, and this is on top of what you’re going to spend for a new website build. Below is a breakdown of estimated costs.

Domain. A domain name is the that you purchase from a company like GoDaddy or BlueHost (our preferred vendor). A domain will likely run you ~$10/year.

Hosting. Our preferred vendor for hosting is WP Engine. The majority of the sites we launch are launched on WP Engine, which is a well-known hosting vendor for WordPress sites. Their monthly hosting includes daily back-ups of the website, security, more up time of the website than vendors mentioned below, and 24/7 support. Hosting with WP Engine runs $180-$360/year. Sites like GoDaddy and BlueHost offer hosting at prices that range from $50-$100/year. The price variation depends on how much traffic your site gets, how much storage you need, and how much security your site requires.

Plugins. There are a LOT of free plugins that are available for WordPress, but there are a few that you’ll have to pay an annual license fee to be able to use. Some of the pay plugins are very much worth the price and are essential at keeping your website functioning. Pricing varies greatly, but an estimate cost could be $0-$1,000/year.

Images. Images aren’t free (well, some are). You can either take your own, or you’re going to have to invest in images. You can by subscriptions from sites like iStock starting at $33, but the price quickly goes up, depending on the size and type of image you need.

Continued Maintenance and Security. Unless you’re planning on maintaining the website yourself, you’ll need to pay for monthly maintenance to ensure the site stays updated on system and plugin updates, security, and seasonal changes. Our WordPress Maintenance and Security plan is $150/month.

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