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We are a group of creative individuals with a big passion towards making things better. We believe in telling great stories, making an impact, and having fun while we do it. While we spend plenty of time outside of the office exploring and wanderlusting, we spend our days doing these amazing things for some pretty amazing clients.

Digital Strategy

Get the upfront digital strategy needed to give the best user experience and increased conversion rates.

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Creative Design

From web design to logo design, our creative team brings brand and style together for our clients.

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Web Development

From the right content management system to responsive design, our team is ready to get started.

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Internet Marketing

Campaign promotions, social media, email marketing, SEO – let us help you get kickstart your marketing.

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"Working with Annapurna Digital has been an absolute pleasure! Kasy's dedication to our strategic planning, and sense of urgency has exceeded our expectations. We enjoy seeing the results, but also working with someone so passionate about their work. Highly recommend Annapurna Digital."

− Jeni, Resort Management Group

"My experience has been fantastic! I have a clear plan on my project, it's explained to me completely and the follow-up is better than I have ever experienced. I mostly like the positive attitude and the help I am getting in this! I really enjoy working with Annapurna!"

− Susie, GuestGuide Publications

"We went through a bad website hack and didn't know if our site was savable or how long our site would be down, but Annapurna's team worked diligently to get everything corrected for us! We were back up and running in no time."

− Michael, Uptown Flooring


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Referral Spam Traffic

Has Google Started Sorting Out Bad Referral Spam?

| Analytics | No Comments

Referral spam in Google Analytics has been an issue for a while now. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of posts on how to block the spam from interfering with reports, but after putting in place referral spam filters and checking the “Exclude all hots…

Help with Excel

Concatenate (or Combine) Range of Cells in Excel

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Video blurry? Bump up the quality to HD to make it clear.  To do that, click on the cog in the bottom, right corner of the video. By ‘Quality’ adjust the setting up to 720 HD. When it gets to the point that you find…

Promotional Plan

Marketing Promotional Plan

| Marketing | No Comments

You’ve done all the work to get a contest or promotion up and running, so now what? It’s not time to sit and wait for contestants to roll-in, you’ve got to kick your promotion into high-gear and start networking to help spread the word. Having…

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

| Life Hack | No Comments

Have you ever been stuck behind someone who walks way too slow?  It usually happens when you’re in a hurry or running late for something.  That’s when you get caught behind a slow walker or two semis driving side. by. side.  In your head you’re…